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Here are some links to sites which I’m currently involved in. I’m either actively supporting them, or developing pages on them, or involved on an occasional basis to update a page. Having run a business of my own, I like to feel that I'm actively involved with the owners in maintaining these websites to the best benefit of their business or interest.

Although its been a while since the last update of this site, things have been steadily prgressing. Since the opening of the Sidney Driscoll NeuroScience Foundation site I have been maintaining an existing site working in the thriving Antiques trade. There's a lot of local competition to this business so it was important to make sure the site could maximise any advantage it could gain by being the site with the best web standards, so conforming to as many W3C guidelines as possible,to make sure the Search Engines 'saw' the site 'in the best possible light'. The site is now regularly in the top five positions when searching for antiques in the area - and is the ONLY site in the top ten that validates successfully with the W3C Validation service! See below for the latest news about this site.

So, read on and catch up with the latest news, all the links on this page will open a new window of your browser, so you can return here – maybe to explore another link.

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Top Banana Antiques

Top Banana Antiques. Having brought the Antiques site up to date using the W3C validation tools and ensuring that the site conforms to the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, I implemented a system to sell a selection of antiques and interesting old items from the Mall, using Credit cards or Paypal.

Summer 2011 saw the commencement of an initial antiques Jewellery page, followed by the conversion of the existing Stock display page to an Online Sales page, both selling items using the Paypal Integration system which allows anyone to buy, using a credit card, or their existing Paypal account.

The system now uses a MySQL database for easier management and with a redisigned wider layout in February 2012, the emphasis of the Antiques web site has shifted towards selling Jewellery. The following categories are now featured; 7+ pages of Animal Charms, 12+ pages of Lockets, 5+ pages of Bangles, 3+ pages of Brooches, 17+ pages of Charms (Other), 2 pages of Earrings, 2+ pages of Fobs and Seals, 2+ pages of Pendants and Lavaliers, 2+ pages of Necklaces, 3+ pages of Jewellery (Other), 1 page of Rings. In total over 1,400 items are available for sale

NeuroScience Foundation

Sidney Driscoll NeuroScience Foundation The site is another 'fluid' width design, with Javascript/DOM/CSS hide/reveal. All to W3C standards and Usability recommendations, in line with the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 1.0. To help keep costs down for the Charity I've hosted the site within my own web space as a sub-domain

Song Writer & Publisher

An existing client, Michael J. Ellis, asked me to set up another small site for him. 'Everything-but-the-song' will publicize his song-writing talents. The idea of the site is to show singers that there are original songs, (extracts of which they can hear), which they are able to 'buy' the rights to perform. All Michael's songs are registered with the Performing Rights Society (PRSforMusic).
So, initially we have shown a small, but growing, number of song extracts and a simple contact form to see how much interest is generated by the site. Interested singers can receive a full copy of the music track, the lyrics and chords and performing permission on receipt of performance dates and locations and a small fee. Listen to the latest sample tracks here. The site incorporates SSI, and Javascript for manipulation of the DOM for CSS hide/reveal. All to the W3C standards - and it passes the iCITA HTML Best Practices tests for using techniques for the implementation of the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 1.0. The site may finally expand to include automated Paypal services and lyrics viewing and song downloads.

Botanical Artist

Beautiful! That’s the only way to describe the botanical drawings by Jan Wilson. Jan urgently needed a web site to show the range of plants and flowers which she has captured on paper with coloured pencils. So a simple, very clean, ‘fluid’ design was required, which included a contact form. The images speak for themselves! Her pictures are reproduced by a fine art reprographic professional and certainly do her justice. In fact I ordered a copy of one myself.

Food Expert

Debbie's site ( was an interesting and challenging design. We decided to aim for a CSS driven horizontal roll–over menu system, partly because we thought that the pages could use the extra width available and they wouldn't be too long. We finally finished the site and it went live in early September 2007, The site was re-designed in Autumn 2011 to take advantage of the currently wider and higher-resolution screens now available. It has turned out to be an enjoyable and rewarding project. its absolutely fabulous!!


The Author Neil Nixon is very active in all sorts of areas, as you will see from his web site, and I'm pleased to say that he has found it invaluable, not only as a repository of examples of his recent work, but to promote possibilities of new project and new commissions. His ‘News’ page is updated quaterly.

Transactional Psychotherapy

A nice restful little site. A colourful CV and interesting topic. Jane's work with 'people problems' is very rewarding. This site recently benefitted from an 'under–the–bonnet' modernisation which resulted in, amongst other things, faster page downloads.

Art/Photo Studio

This site was great fun to do! The Artists Danny and Val display a lot of paintings and photographs. Although I'm not involved in this site now, as Danny is keen to maintain the web site himself he recently wanted me to design a modern horizontal menu (to take up less 'real estate' and help him with incorporating it into all the pages. The new design uses CSS, and is standards compliant to XHTML 1.0 (Transitional), so should continue to do well in the Search Engine listings.

North West Kent College

North West Kent College invited me to tender for the design and administration of a site to display the works of the final year Media Student. As an ideal way for prospective employers to view large multi–media projects, photographs — and anything visual or aural. An interesting, but simple, project as the requirement was that the web design must be 'in the background', to ensure the student's efforts are seen without any distractions.

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